Thursday, September 11, 2014

DIY Herb Planters

I love smelling the fresh herbs at the farmers market when I go and use them quite often to make infused waters, so why not grow my own at home! I created these little planters for them out of old coffee cans. Here's how:

You'll need
-herbs (I used lavender, rosemary, and mint)
-empty metal coffee cans and lids
-chalkboard paint and chalk
-rocks and soil

-first peel off any paper on the coffee cans and then drill about 9 holes on the bottom for drainage
-next you'll paint the cans with chalkboard paint (I did about three layers letting each coat dry in between)
-after the cans are dried place the lids on the bottom of the cans to catch any drained water and fill the bottom of each can with about an inch of rocks
-then you'll need to put whatever type of soil you want to fill the rest of the can then place your herbs in
-use the chalk to write on the outside of the chalkboard paint covered can which herb is which
-water and give plenty of sunshine!

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