Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2 piece

The thrill of the hunt. The score that makes you comin back for more. This brown and black checkered 2 piece was just that! I stopped by a thrift store that I've driven past my whole life on the south end of the island but I had never gone in. It's two stories, really organized and the whole second floor is just books (awesome). I scowered the racks with nothing particular in mind and have to say this was my best thrift store experience. I found tons of doilies to save up and stash for future craft projects, a beaded tassle necklace, a motorcycle nomad book (for a future trip) and this 2 piece shirt and skirt combo. At first I was drawn to the pattern and had only the skirt in mind. I figured I'd try it and if I only liked the skirt it'd be no big deal. I got by bag of goodies home, tried the two piece on and instantly fell in love. You can't realy tell it's two separates but I know and now you do too. I paired it with my leather vest I got about a year ago from Wasteland and my Margiela booties. I love how the vest gave it a modern twist and the whole vibe is very A.P.C. to me. I have yet to top this thrift find, but it's treasures like these that make you keep digging.  

2 piece vintage//Vest the couples//Shoes margiela

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